Instead of clicking the smallest-rocks button, you can also press the "1" key.

If the keys do not work, click within the game screen.

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Click the smallest-rocks button to change the next 10 rocks to the smallest size.

Your starting score is 500 points, but this decreases by:

- 1 point for every second the game is in play.
- 5 points every time a new rock appears.
- 30 points when you click the smallest-rocks button.

The goal is to make a flat road on the upper surface of the bridge.

There are two types of canyons: "With Bottom"(A01-A10) and "Bottomless"(B01-B10).

The game will choose a random canyon for you to build a bridge over by default, but you can also choose a specific canyon from the settings screen.

Touch panel operation is enable.

Canyon Bridge