Original HTML5 Puzzle Games

Color Tiles
Color Tiles Click on a blank space. If the color matches the nearest neighboring tiles, vertically or horizontally, from the clicked space, you get the matching tiles.Color Tiles
Mesh Board
Mesh Board Move a ball to vertically, horizontally, or diagonally line up three or more balls with the same color.Mesh Board
Fruit Box
Fruit Box Drag the mouse to exactly enclose some apples so the numbers in the apples total 10. Fruit Box
L-Shaped Constellations
L-Shaped Constellations Click three stars with the same color to make an L-shaped constellation. L-Shaped Constellations
Same Ends
Same Ends Make lines so that ends have the same color, and in between has the same color.Same Ends
Map Quiz

World countries map quiz etc. →Play!

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